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Donations & Our Wish Lists


Donating to the Murray Greenhouse

The Murray Greenhouse is funded by individual donations, occasional grants and tuition from participants.  In order to ensure that our program remains affordable to all of its’ participants it is our hope and goal to raise enough money through grants and donations to operate a quality program while keeping the participant’s tuition minimal.  Accordingly, we rely heavily on donations both monetary and supplies.  If you are interested in donating to our foundation, please contact us through this website or call us at 801 266-0669.

If you prefer to donate supplies instead of money, the following is a list of items the Greenhouse is always in need of:

*Toilet paper

*Copy Paper

*Paper Towels

*Cleaning Supplies

*Liquid Hand Soap

*Hand sanitizer

*Art supplies

*Basic Cooking Supplies & Groceries

*New or used DVD’s (G or PG rated)

*Garden Hoses

*Planting Pots (can be used)

*Potting Soil

*Planting Seeds

*Gardening Gloves

*Garbage Bags (inside and outside)

Murray Greenhouse is a non-profit organization and has 501-C3 status with all donations being tax-deductible.

If you would like more information about The Murray Greenhouse Foundation and its mission (or find out how you can help our organization), please call Sheila Wall at 801 266-0669 or 819-8170 or email us at sheila.wall@murraygreenhouse.org.

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