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Volunteer Opportunties


Volunteer Opportunities

at the Murray Greenhouse

The Murray Greenhouse relies on the generosity of those who give of their valuable time to help in many different ways with our foundation.  Some people give one hour and some give one or two days a week.  Any time you can give, no matter how large or how small is a benefit to our participants and our program.

Some of our volunteers are part of larger groups such as corporate or church groups that have taken up to a whole day to do large projects that we need help with.  These groups have been such a great help to our Foundation and we have appreciated all the hours of labor they have given in our behalf.

If you have an area of expertise, we would love to have you come in and talk about it or teach it to our “kids”.

The following is a list of some ideas of how you can benefit our program with your time:

**Cooking demonstrations         
**Art projects
**Reading with the kids                    
**Music and signing
**Sewing classes
**Planting in the Greenhouse
**Assist with field trips (transportation and supervision)
**Computer updates and classes
**Stanger Danger Classes
**Shopping and money classes   
**Exercising/PE activities
**Community Awareness           
**Pet care classes
**Nutrition classes                   
**Life Skills classes

If you don’t have a specific area you are interested in but want to give of your time, there is always a need for an extra set of hands to assist with our daily curriculum.

There is always maintenance of our grounds (e.g. Spring and Fall cleanup) that needs to be kept up with and volunteers are much needed with these tasks.  We have been lucky to have youth groups and corporate businesses come in and help weed, cleanup and improve our property.  

We have also been able of offer opportunities for over 20 young men to do their Eagle Scout projects at our foundation.

Please call the Greenhouse at 801 266-0669 or Sheila at 801 819-8170 and set up a time to come in and volunteer at the Murray Greenhouse Foundation.

If you would like more information about The Murray Greenhouse Foundation and its mission (or find out how you can help our organization), please call Sheila Wall at 801 266-0669 or 819-8170 or email us at sheila.wall@murraygreenhouse.org.

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