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For years people in our community have asked “what will happen to people with disabilities when they reach age 22 and can no longer attend the public school system?”  Government budgeting constraints leave thousands of people and their families with little or no support.  As a result, skills learned in school deteriorates, and isolation from friends and other community support grows.

The Murray Greenhouse Foundation offers a solution.  Conceived as a safe and nurturing learning place whose cornerstone is our greenhouse, the Foundation provides the teaching of individualized independent living skills and employment skills for people with disabilities.  Here, people can learn the skills necessary to be successful at work and in their personal lives to help build a better life for themselves and their families.

Through the efforts and support of many people and organizations the Foundation has secured a location at 6366 South 900 East, Murray, UT  84121.  We have also completed construction a 1800 foot greenhouse which will be the focal point of our efforts to help people learn work skills in the horticulture field.

Murray Greenhouse Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the furthering of education for those adults with disabilities. The Murray Greenhouse is a safe place for intellectually disabled young adults to learn independence and life skills, as well as having a social outlet to enjoy themselves and intermingle with others with the same challenges.

The Murray Greenhouse Foundation now has a renovated home (which is used as our school area) on a ½ acre lot across from Wheeler Farm with a brand new 1800 square foot greenhouse in the back. The participants of the Foundation will seed and care for plants in the greenhouse to sell to the community in hopes of helping financially, but also give them the satisfaction of working and seeing the benefits of their hard work.

Any support is MUCH appreciated, be it time, energy, advice or even spreading the word about this great foundation. It will change the lives of adults with disabilities and make a positive difference in yours. Murray Greenhouse is a non-profit organization and has 501-C3 status with all donations being tax-deductible.

To provide an individualized program for adults with disabilities to achieve productivity, independence and a contributing place in society, through a broad spectrum of positive learning, social and vocational experience in a safe and stimulating environment supported by enthusiastic parental and community involvement.

If you would like more information about The Murray Greenhouse Foundation and its mission (or find out how you can help our organization), please call Sheila Wall at 801 266-0669 or 819-8170 or email me at sheila.wall@murraygreenhouse.org.