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“It is amazing to see what was once “just a dream” grow and develop into a functioning day program for many wonderful disabled young adults who grow and learn each and every day. What is equally amazing to me is the fact that these special individuals who attend the Murray Greenhouse help those of us who teach and spend time with them grow in ways we never knew were possible.”

-Sheila Wall, President/Executive Director

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Sheila Wall

President - Executive Director

Sheila Wall is the President/Executive Director of the Murray Greenhouse Foundation. She became involved in this organization in 2004 when it was still “just a dream”. She has put in countless hours and worked hard as a member of the Board of Directors to renovate and open the Greenhouse which began operating in December of 2008.

Sheila is married to Steven Wall (a local attorney) and is the mother of five sons, the 2nd of which was born with Cerebral Palsy and if confined to a wheelchair. He (Riley) is a daily participant at the Murray Greenhouse. Raising her sons has been her greatest accomplishment in life and she has always been involved in whatever endeavors they have taken on. She now enjoys spending time with her grandchildren who are her pride and joy.

Sheila worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, starting at the age of thirteen working at her mother’s Travel Agency. After many years working as a travel agent, she then worked for Delta Airlines for seven years. In addition to working, she has been a PTA President, a Cottonwood Ute Conference Football League Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Sheila has coached and been an official for young women sports for the past 25 plus years and has always loved the interaction of working with youth as well as young adults. The “Special Needs” adults that attend the Greenhouse are one more group that she finds pleasure working and interacting with.

Since the Murray Greenhouse opened in 2008, Sheila has taken on the responsibility of “Director” of the MGF on a volunteer basis and is responsible for making sure things are taken care of so that the program can operate efficiently. She is in charge of staffing, finances and making sure the program runs as smoothly as possible. The past six years she has also taken on the duties of the planting operations in our actual Greenhouse.


Diane Poulsen

Vice President - Director of Landscape

Sheila Wall inherited the Directors position for The Murray Greenhouse Foundation and all the responsibility that came with it. I have given her the title CEO, "Chief Everything Officer". As I watched her trying to juggle life, home, family, aging parents, the greenhouse, and keep her sanity, I needed to find out where she needed my help.

I went to visit the greenhouse and looked around at the daunting task of yard work that needed to be done. The zero-scape landscaping that was there had escaped them leaving only weeds, rock, and dying shrubs. I knew this was my starting point. I rolled up my sleeves, put on some gloves, and went to work. I started volunteering in 2011, became a Board member in 2012, and have never looked back.

While I don't have a young adult in our program, I consider myself Riley's second mother and Sheila, a best friend. I love spending time with my friends that attend they make me smile with their individual, unique personalities. Spending time here is a labor of love for which I am blessed. There is a feeling here that you won't find at any other program like ours. I have said many times, "God watches over the Murray Greenhouse Foundation. These are His special children."

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Monica McQueen


Monica McQueen is the founder and Board Member of the Murray Greenhouse Foundation. She developed a strong love and bond to disabled individuals after giving birth and raising her intellectually disabled daughter, Amber. Monica has developed many friendships over the years that have stemmed from her relationships with her daughter’s friends and their families. While Amber was still in the public school system Monica and several other parents of disabled youth got together to brainstorm the future of their disabled children. It was from this union that the concept of the Murray Greenhouse Foundation was born. With the help and dedication of many people, the dream was eventually made into reality.

Monica has 25 years of experience working directly with the public in situations both professional and personal that demand knowledge and people skills. She has an Associate’s Degree in Finance and a Certificate in Accounting and is currently self-employed as a realtor and real estate investor. She has a wealth of experience in business management, demonstrated by the profitability of each business venture she is involved with. Prior to her real estate career, Monica had experience in retail sales, mortgage processing, customer service, and accounting.

Monica and her husband are now retired and reside in St. George Utah. She still serves on the Board of Directors and remains very interested in the Murray Greenhouse.

Many Thanks to Our Board of Directors

Murray Greenhouse Board of Directors

President & Executive Director – Sheila Wall
Founder & Board Member – Monica McQueen
Vice President & Director of Landscape – Diane Poulsen
Secretary of the Board – Renee Groneman
Director of Marketing – Leslie Couvillon
Director, Greenhouse Maintenance – David Neeley
Murray Rotary Club Liaisons – Norma Carr & Steve Hirase