Our Team of Teachers

The Murray Greenhouse Foundation has an incredible team of teachers with diverse backgrounds and abilities! Without exception, each one of them dedicates a lot of time and energy planning fun and interesting lessons and activities for our students. Interacting directly with students is always a priority to make sure each individual in the program feels included and excited to be there.

The Murray Greenhouse has a maximum of a 6 to 1 student to teacher ratio but often we have days with as low as a 4 to 1 ratio (depending on enrollment for any given day).

Over the 10 years our program has been open, it has been exciting to watch the lasting friendships that our students have built with many of our teachers, past, and present. Quite often one of our teachers who has moved on to other jobs still drop by to say “hi” and check on their lifetime friends they made while employed at our Foundation.



Everyone in the Loop

Our staff keeps families of our students informed with what is happening at the Murray Greenhouse through email, newsletters, and monthly schedules. They are available to answer questions and concerns and make sure your student’s needs are being met.


Deep commitment

The teachers who work at the Murray Greenhouse are very special people who have the empathy; acceptance and kindness that it takes to help each student who attends our program have a more happy and fulfilled life.